Nicole Melrose is a Melbourne born actress and model with European roots stemming from Sweden and Croatia. Nicole spent most of her childhood with
her grandmother, Nina Gregory (an established Croatian model in the 50’s and 60’s). Surrounded by her grandmother’s mannerisms, beautiful ornaments
and glittering jewelry there was no escaping the the desire to acquire the ways in which she perceived as the lifestyle of a “Disney Princess”.
Nicole’s love for bare skin was espoused in Sweden (where nudity was not shameful). Discovering with age that nudity in most of the world was not acceptable. She soon found
lingerie to be the next best alternative. Her love for lingerie became an infatuation as she could not only feel beautiful in clothing but underneath as well!

Nicole Melrose has been modelling since 2004 and has appeared in various fashion and pin up magazines. She also works as an actress and performer in Burlesque and singing jazz with her band, The Broad Band (Nicole Melrose and her Broad Band).

“I fell in love with acting and when I act, I feel as though I’ve just kissed the love of my life.” – Nicole Melrose

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