To All you Human Angels

February 12, 2018 § Leave a comment

Dearest readers, 

To those whom I know and to those I do not. I am ever so grateful for all your support in my work and art forms. I will leak a little secret honesty today. I am a being who ‘feels’ immensely (as all beings do). I have been diagnosed with Bi-polar and though some days I feel and see all the beauty in the world, it can turn on me in an instant. This does not mean I am unreliable and can’t function it just means it’s a part of life I need to factor into my daily routine and keep mindful of. My emotions drive me and can easily hijack my rational and ‘common sense‘ (a phrase I honestly loath).

These last two years I have been confronted with my bad habits to escape these emotions. I self sabotage myself because of it but recently I have made the choice to not remain caged to my chosen naivety. For years I felt I was at war with myself and loved ones around me also suffered or were confused as a consequence. I’ve spent my whole life dreaming of working towards being the greatest actress and artist that I can be, but of course my little demon with the bellowing voice inside mocked me. I won’t even write the things my mind tricked me into believing. But now every morning I look at this woman in the mirror who I’m slowly learning is me and voicing, “I love you and you are lovable.” As silly as it sounds its something so difficult, but it seems to be working good in me.

Self love is a difficult thing and I am sure many people suffer a similar delusion. I may never meet you (reader) but believe these words you read sincerely from me, if I were to meet you I’d recognize your beauty. Life runs on a fuel I personally call love and that is what we are all made up of. It’s easier to love another but darling readers remember to love yourself. You are beautiful. Be yourself, everybody else is taken and are just as spectacular.

With all my heart, yours truly, Nicole Melrose.


I’ll update you a little more of my works for those that are interested. Peter Coulson and I have still been working on photographs for our exhibition which is being sponsored by a wonderful company (which I will not disclosed for now).

The film Ruby’s Balloon has been accepted into the Berlin Film Festival which is very exciting. I apologize to all our supporters for the delay in our work as we have been working so long in the post-production, and the Director’s move to England for work has also made it difficult (though I am very proud of his endeavors and new work).

I have been shooting with a fair few new photographers and working on my new burlesque routines. I have been given the opportunity to perform at the House Of Burlesque which I will advertise soon.

To finish I will leave a link to my new website created for my Burlesque, modelling and Singing. Here you book me for events and even see a few of my clips/photographs.

Nicole Melrose Webiste

Video: Jodi Plumbley

Also if anybody never read an interview I did a while back here is the link: Balln’ On a Budget

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