July 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have been in Thailand for the past week. I’m itching to do some painting and have been doing a few sketches over my trip. I’ve also managed to read three books and gave up on my forth as it was terrible thirty pages in and didn’t seem to have much hope in getting better. The first book I read was “The Beach” and that is a must read. The second was Michael Caine’s, “The Elephant to Hollywood” which is also a must. It’s interesting to see Hollywood and the possible world of acting through his era and words. Judging from his book he seem to have very good humor. Some of his writing is hilarious! The third read was, “The Alchemist” which is an easy enlightening read. I also highly recommend it.

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  • Ilidas says:

    It’s great that you are devouring books at this rate. Once upon a time, I also did that, before I started reading for a living. . . . How satisfying, to have read and completed several tomes in a short span, to see them resting closed, completed, now part of you. It sounds like a restful, idyllic vacation. I hope that the eruption of paint upon canvas awaits you upon your return!

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