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Dear readers. You will have noticed I no longer write or post images on this website. This is because I have been hard at work designing my website (www.NicoleMelrose.com) where you can see my latest works in:





…and much more.

My favorite part of my website is my Wed Diary Members only section. That is where I am now updating what I am doing in my personal life and in my creative work life. As a member you also receive printable images and can directly speak to me with requests or just to say hello.

To become a member you simple click the Subscribe icon and it is a small cost of $7.99 (AUS) Per month. I’ve made it affordable due to this hard time with the Covid-19 virus going on.

I do hope those of you who followed me here will chose to continue to follow me on my website as I’ve had such a good experience speaking with and sharing my progressions (and regressions!) with my Darling subscribers.


Nicole Melrose

Photographer: BlueSalt Photography (IG: Blusalt_Photography)

The image is unedited and raw. Only using Damian’s talent in lighting and Vanessa Harle’s makeup skills (IG: VanessaHarleMakeupArtist)

A Prologue & More

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Dear Readers. I am more active on my on my Patreon account but when it comes to long worded writings, I figure wordpress is best. Is it true the written words are really that undesirable. People skim more than they actually read where as once upon a time the written words was our television, our technology and our Netflix. I gather that most people that want to explore my head may be those that aren’t interested in my Patreon (though that is just as much “me” as my “words”).

Aside from working on my book I have been planning a Tour through Europe, a few gigs and events for Burlesque (before I leave in July) and finally finishing off the film The Hollow Way which was directed my Christopher Edmund and I played Jean Holloway. The rough draft of the poster (Painted by the talented Nathalie Rattner).

Movie poster Small.jpg


Below may possibly be part of a prologue or Introduction to a book I will be publishing after Amy Heather (loving friends and a wonderful model) published a book herself and told me to step out of the closet poetry and into the limelight. I’ve already written toughly 38 pages not including the Introduction pages… but they will explain a little more about me and and answer a lot of, I guess you could say, personal, questions I have been asked through email. I though it may be a way to connect with so many of you beautiful people who have taken the time to acknowledge my art and even that little extra time to research me.

Now I leave you with my first draft of words:

BOOK: Concrete Painted Floral:

I didn’t know people had secrets. When I was six or seven years old, I didn’t understand what a secret was. Back then I just felt it was a sense of shame. Something I knew others would react badly to. So I kept certain events I had experienced to myself, though I knew not why. For a long time, it seemed secrets were my fuel. I kept mine – what I thought were mine – and everybody else’s. It was only through art and creativity that I was first able to truly communicate with the world.

I had always been artistic and physically expressive, but it was during my junior schooling, in a dramatic theatre class, that I noticed I was being noticed – in a positive sense. This was to be the hook that reeled me into performance. Before that moment when people noticed me at school, it was usually in a negative way. I was never popular with my peers and my schooling (apart from studio arts) I was absolutely terrible at. I was put into all sorts of special needs and education classes.

My father was a busy lawyer and couldn’t help me with my homework due to lack of time. My mother who came from Sweden was not only balancing taking care of my brother and I but admitted to me once she was insecure about her abilities in helping with homework seeing as English was her second language and she never completed her schooling (despite that my mother is a very smart and strong woman). I do, however, have my mother to thank for Swedish being my second language and the opportunity in travelling around the world at such a young age. I’ve travelled from country to country, but over the years Sweden, America and Australia have been where I most often stay. I guess you could call me Australian, but in my heart I could never really settle in one place.

My mother moved from Sweden in her early twenties and my father migrated from Croatia when he was six. They met when she was fifteen and he was in his twenties. Their history is theirs to tell.

I’m both an actress and model but modelling was more or less an accident. I was introduced to a photographer named Peter Coulson through a mutual friend who also dabbled in photography. Peter Coulson became family to me and I would often visit his studio or be invited into the family home for supper or company. It seemed inevitable that I would learn about photography, lighting and modelling.

Peter definitely taught me a lot but I do like to think that we learned from each other, personally and in our creative work. It really came down to the fact that I loved to dress up and he loved to capture moments. We have created such a large archive (most of which is even seen).

I’ve been asked a lot if I have a favorite photograph but I find it an impossible question to answer. It’s difficult to select a favorite photograph as sometimes the memory is far wilder than the photograph, or even the other way around. One image that is quite personal to me is where I am standing on a grey backdrop holding a purse with some jewelry and black heels. I came in with a rough drawing and even more rough explanation of what lighting I envisioned. I wanted everything to be exact (which is something that Peter and I don’t often become pedantic over) and look natural at the same time. Peter was terribly supportive and walked into the unknown, thinking he would shoot blindly, I’m sure. But after the first shot went off he instantly understood and he caught the image in my mind that I found so hard to explain. I’ll even admit, he made it even clearer than what I saw in my mind.

Creating this image was a triumph for me as every detail told a story of a very difficult personal journey, a meaning only I could decipher. I doubt I’d remember the details behind the meaning of the image now but my achievement was in that moment. I found a freedom where I was able to properly express a stage in my life, and set it free.


The 5 Pacific Garbage Islands, Podcast

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Dear Readers,

This month I have challenged myself by putting together my very first podcast. As I have mentioned previously I have more recently become mindful of the internet’s benefits, flaws and how it has shaped the political sphere throughout its existence. I have actually taken a class in university to help me accept and learn the benefits over the fact the internet will not be a dying technology such as the telephone (which I well and truly miss).

In creating my first pod cast I chose a topic that I had heard overheard spoken about when I was quite young that truly frightened me that I now formally know it is called, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch(s). I had every right to be chilled by the little I overheard and now that I have spent so much time researching it I am even more frightened over the potential our naivety and negligence has impacted the earth. But we can’t remain naive anymore, not with this new technology we call the internet.

Because of the internet we as a society can bring awareness and have discussions and debates over impactive matters. We don’t have to travel the seas to meet influential people to spread information. Now we can build websites to spread awareness and create active movements of activism.

It was through this particular crowed funding website, JustGiving.com that introduced me to the activism website, www.TheOceanCleanup.com. This website not only give the public information about its history, its own research and future plans but it references other creditable readings to do with research about plastic affecting the ocean etc. For me this is important as it shows you can find research and information that supports the T.O.C’s own research helping me believe it isn’t a scam or self-serving. This is another wonderful thing about the use of the internet. As much as I love books when I need to find a lot of creditable research the internet flourishes with resources (especially being a student and having access to my university’s online search finding published creditable journals and articles) that may otherwise take days or weeks to wait for a book to become available.

To create this podcast not only did I have to research the cause but I did a lot of research on what platforms and programs to use to create and publish my podcast. This was the most overwhelming part! As Ridiculous as it sounds, making a podcast has been one of the scariest experiences I’ve had this year. Making sure that I’ve credited every resource correctly including the music. Finding music allowing me rights to use and edit the music proved to be quite difficult but eventually I fumbled around enough to find something that appealed to me and allowed me to use it under the creative commons (CC BY-SA 3.0).

I also went recorded of the ocean waves to blend into the music of my podcast. Then of course recording myself speaking of the GPGI/TOC cause. The editing process using the free program Audacity wasn’t as terrifying as I first anticipated. I was able to put it together rather quickly.

I’ve always been and anxious person when it comes to speaking about something I support and believe in and fear not doing it justice. There is that small frightened child inside that thinks all the adults won’t take me seriously when I feel I am fighting to support a cause. But I won’t know if I don’t try. So here it is, my first active role in bringing awareness to something I believe in.



Miller, E. and Buys, L. (2008) ‘The Role of Social Capital in Predicting and Promoting “Feelings of Responsibility” for Local Environmental Issues in an Australian Community’, Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, (4), p. 231.

Muralisrinivasan Subramanian, N. (2016) Plastics Waste Management : Processing and Disposal. Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K.: Smithers Rapra.

Cathy Pyrek (2016) ‘Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (review)’, (1), p. 268. doi: 10.1353/cp.2016.0019.

Egan, M. (2007) Barry Commoner and the Science of Survival : The Remaking of American Environmentalism. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press (Urban and Industrial Environments).



My First Patreon Account

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Dear readers,

Once again it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve had a wildly productive year of learning and achievements. I am aware externally I have no changed so nobody can see the progress I have made in mental health and in the healing of my heart. I’ve always been a rather frantic person, whether or not its seen in my behavior, my heart and mind seemed to always be arguing. It wasn’t until I became mindful of patience. I am uncertain to what it was that shifted in me, I think I truly just grew exhausted by my mind and realized I actually had the ability to change my bantering thought process. I could best describe it to listening to metal music 24/7 (which as much as I enjoy it, when it’s time to rest it generally doesn’t help) and then I realized I could change the station to something calmer like, Chopin or Bach.

In other news I’m excited to say I’m back at university studying performing arts and online Social Media. The film, The Hollow Way (which I wrote and planned on making for a long while) was finally filmed and is now in Post production! I’ve also opened my own website selling prints and advertising my work as a performer as and actress, singer, burlesque dancer and model etc which can be found at: www.NicoleMelrose.com

More exciting news is that I began a Patreon account: www.patreon.com/NicoleMelrose

At the website you can become a member and select your Tier. Depending on what you select which ranges from $1-$20 you will receive benefits and it allows me to communicated and share my art and progresses on a more intimate level with my supporters. I have had my first subscriber which is very fun and I’ve already enjoyed sending BTS photographs, early release images and much much more. I’ve opened up a private Instagram which only the Patreon Members will have access to. My goal is to reach 50 patreon members which will allow me to create and execute consistent photoshoots that I unfortunately can’t do on my on at the moment. So every cent counts.

Here are a few sneak peak images to get an idea.

Of course the images they receive will be uncensored and more personal! Not to say I will neglect my WordPress and Instagram followers but if it isn’t for the people who take interest in my work and find a few spare dollars to donate to seeing more of my art (which will include many more exciting future benefits such as calendars, merchandise, discounts, private journal entries and even every now and again I’ll ask my most dedicated Patreons for photoshoot ideas!) 


My Return to My Swedish Routes

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Dear Reader(s),

I have returned to Sweden based between Stockholm and Uppsala. I am visiting my friends and family but also with the ambition to find a few venues to put on some of my burlesque/jazz performances. I have only just begun to recover from my jet-lag and though I have only been in Sweden for three days I have already caught up with half of my family and friend, not to forget to mention the beautiful Model Estelle Moughton (a dear and old friend of mine).

I am not only looking to do performances but to leap back into modelling again after a long break due to my year and a half long studies in performing (which I graduated in only a week ago)! My spirits are high as are my ambitions. I wish all you human beings my love and support and if you do ever have the chance to see an act of mine, know it is all performed with passion, communication and love for each and every one of you.

I am also willing to travel around Europe for modelling work (expenses paid) for those photographers and artists that are interested in working with me.

Peter Janson’s Mansion (Part i & ii)

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This coming June – July, I will be traveling around the United States again. Peter Coulson and I will meet up a few times in the U.S to continue our series. I’m relived to not only be working around the U.S but to see many of my close friends once again. One very difficult thing about living such an international lifestyle is the fact that everybody you once touched, will no sooner be out of reach. I am also very restless when it comes to settling down, my home is built of countries. My living-room lays in Sweden, my kitchen in Australian, my backyard in America… and so it goes.

Below is a set Peter Coulson and I did a while ago. I will add more pictures to Part ii, soon.

Peter Janson (Part i)

(Part of… watch this space) Peter Janson (Part ii)


Before you take her you must consider,
That without care her spirit will wither,
You must caress her daily and show her worth of praise,
She will be high maintenance, (I will not lie),
But she will be sure to strive when you are down,
To make you smile, or at least spend the rest of her day to try,
Make sure she has room to be,
For she is one who caves to be free,
Keep her entertained with humor, learning and funny games,
And she will be sure to remain tamed,
Especially as she carries heavy insecurities, shame and loathing,
She will be a responsibility,
I know, because this woman is me,
Not only will you have to simply love me,
But a part of you will have to adopt me,
My best advice is to stay away,
For if you try your patience your life may simply end in decay,
And for that, in advance I apologize,
I am nothing but an infant with glistening eyes.

Tonight’s Explosion!

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For those of you curious to hear a little bit more about Ruby’s Balloon, here is an interview straight from the director and I (interviewed by Emily Steckly)! Or maybe this is just interesting for those of you who are curious to hear what I sound like, as photographs don’t literally “say more than a thousand words”…or any words at all.

Underneath is an invitation which will be held in the CBD.
There will be live entertainment with Diego Villalta’s and his band (I’ll even sing a few jazz numbers with the band). But most importantly, every drink purchased will help raise money for our feature-short. We hope to see you all there.


A big thank you to Lustre bar for supporting our film and event.

Silly Billy and actress Nicole mmmmmmm...Melrose

Bursting With Anticipation over Ruby’s Balloon

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We are very proud to announce that designer Anie Zanazanian (Anie Z Couture) will be making and styling all the costumes for Ruby and her husband. She will be creating a new iconic yellow dress for Ruby to wear in the feature length film (still 1950’s inspired of course).

Anie Z, (if you don’t already know) is a designer who took Melbourne by storm almost overnight. She has very recently created clothing for renowned Ita Buttrose (Studio Ten, Channel Ten, Click here to watch), had her clothing in the Fashion Aid Runway (as the final featured designer) and is currently travelling Europe with her gowns. It is an honor to have such a passionate and talented designer working on our film! (You can read more about her on Anna Pappas blog HERE)

 Studio Ten Live Fashion AidAnie Z Couture Fashion Aid After Partyphoto (1)AnieZ Couture Fashion Aid

Anie Z Couture

More exciting news includes work on our new film score. Ken White has traveled all around the world playing music throughout his life! He specializes in jazz and has been working on developing our film score inspired by the classic French jazz sound. Another interesting fact is his band headlined in Sweden for a while back in the day.



Emily Steckly is a writer who has written and edited a few articles in the past for me. Recently she conducted an interview with Billy Minshull-Gardner (The director of Ruby’s Balloon) and I, asking us questions about our ambitions for the film and the plot line for the feature-short. I couldn’t have asked for a better writer.

The Afterglow

Emily Steckly has also written various plays and has written a new show playing in the Melbourne Fringe festival, The Afterglow. – “What is death? And why do we mourn the loss of those both familiar and strange?

29th of September – 3rd of October

The Owl and Cat Theatre (34 Swan street, Richmond)

Book tickets at: owlandcat.com.au or ring, 9421 3020


Sean paris

To keep updated on our film progress you can keep an eye on:

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/rubysballoon?ref=hl

Pozible: www.pozible.com/project/199173

(Donations are still open until the 22nd of September. Even a donation of $5 will mean the world to us).

FilmInk Article: http://www.filmink.com.au/notices/11520/

We will soon be hosting auditions for actor’s to play Ruby’s husband, a featured baker and a few other roles. So make sure to keep watching these spaces!

After Dark My Sweet

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His gentle caress brushed upon my cheek and so did the sun below the mountain peak. “When do I see you again my love?” and he answered, “After dark my sweet.” My every movement through the day was exercised with passion’s touch. To wait for dark seemed all enough.
After Dark, my sweet kissed me. We spent the night, the three of us (with him, with me and the beast).
“When my love?” I asked eagerly and he answered,
“After dark my sweet.”
Who is day if I am night? Am I kept in dark to be kept from sight? A vulture’s smile was what I saw when he assured me that he did in fact adore me.

Walking onto morning’s edge I felt a shadow lift from my feet; until he turned around and said, “After dark my sweet.”

Darkness came of course, as it did. We spent the night the three of us (with him, with me and the light). “May I see day my love?” and his answer came, “After dark my sweet”

After dark, my sweet was wrapped up in linen sheets. I had told him, “I am mourning for the morning.” and this time when he turned his head, it was different, what he said,
“Light glows brightest in the dark and you, My-Sweet, are the darkest bread of dark.”
His judgment’s taste was to my disgrace and I felt vengeance bite in passion’s place. I demanded us to meet and stay met and he turned his head and said, “After dark my sweet”.
So I did what any lover would do, to honor the words of my lover as true. An eclipse was made to keep the light away. He would never set foot into the light of day. Even if he caught fire from its avid rays his soul will remain in the darkest shadow, darkened with the overcast of my own shadow. My bitter-sweet, who is mine now to forever keep.

Photographer: Peter Coulson Photographer: Peter Coulson

Peeping Tom

January 6, 2015 § 5 Comments

Miss me? Peter and I have been building our port folio of our work together for a Melbourne exhibition. Hopefully, the pictures that are already released lure your curiosity into coming to see the rest of exhibition.

I’m not sure if it is to anybody else’s humor but I found a peeping Tom in the park when we were shooting on the park bench. It was like playing the game, “Where’s Waldo” but Waldo is perverted. I watched as he hid uncomfortably behind bushes and crawled through terrace as a solider would in marsh. I was a little impressed in his efforts I have to say, especially for somebody who looked like an older gentleman.

When Peter and I started to pack up I heard the Waldo carelessly drop from the tree and scamper off somewhere, tripping a few times on the way.